Easily Backup All Your Files With This ‘Smart USB’

A better alternative to “Cloud Storage”

  • Compatibility - Backs Up Any Computer, Smartphone (iOS / Android) or Tablet
  • Reliable and Fast - Unlike cloud storage, our solution keeps your files safe forever
  • Big Storage Volume - 64GB in storage so you'll never run out of space
  • "One Click" Backup Software - No technical skills required. Our software is very easy to use
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Keep your memories safe using RecovStick

Backup and transfer your files in minutes


Not convinced by “the cloud”? Backups too hard to create?

RecovStick Protects Your Files And Keeps Them Safe

You probably have priceless pictures stored on your computer, phone, and/or tablet. But did you know that almost 25% of smartphones will crash at one point? If you don’t create backups, you risk losing your family memories forever.

Thanks to RecovStick, it will only take a few minutes to back up all your pictures from all your devices.


Never Pay For Backup Services Again.

Did you know cloud services can cost up to hundreds of dollars annually?

RecovStick is a one-time purchase. You no longer need to pay a fortune to keep your files safe. Our ‘Smart USB’ creates reliable backups in minutes. And you can backup multiple computers or smartphones on just one RecovStick.


Say goodbye to “Storage Full” errors

RecovStick is the easiest way to move files from your smartphone to your computer.

There’s no subscription, no clunky downloads. Just insert and transfer your photos, videos, and more.


Your Privacy Is Guaranteed

The big tech cloud providers won’t tell you that multiple employees actually have access to your private photos and files.

With RecovStick, the only person who has access to your files is you.


Move Files Between Devices

Thanks to the three different ports, it’s compatible with almost all devices (PCs, Mac, Android, Tablets, iPhones and iPad).

This makes it the easiest solution to move photos from your smartphone to your computer. Or the other way around.


Easily Restore Your Files In Case Of An Emergency

Our patented “Universal Backup™” technology will keep your files safe.

And when the time comes and you decide to restore your photos and files… it will just take one click.


How Does It Work?

Simply plug it into your phone or computer.RecovStick searches through every file and folder for your photos and videos. Then it automatically copies and backs up your selected photos and videos to RecovStick.


Optionally, you can click a button to erase them from your phone, clearing up a tremendous amount of space in the process.

Recommended By Smartphone Repair Specialists

Over 200,000 computers and smartphones crash every year. It happens often, and even newer devices can get corrupted. Don’t become part of the statistics.

"This smart backup stick is a life saver! I lost my wedding photos this morning. Good thing I backed up my stuff immediately when I got this in the mail! It’s so easy to use for a guy like me who doesn’t know much about technology."

Jack Q.

Verified User

Instantly Protect All Your Pictures And Videos

  • 64GB Storage
  • Password Protected And Encrypted
  • Easy To Use
  • For All Devices

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about RecovStick.

Unlike the regular cloud service, RecovStick is a ONE-TIME purchase. You won’t need to pay monthly just to keep using the RecovStick. Also, RecovStick does not violate your privacy. Online cloud services often let third parties access your photos and files.

And with RecovStick, you will save your privacy and thousands of dollars every year.

You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. RecovStick supports iOS 8 and up, Android 4.3 and up, Mac and Windows computers, and tablets (iOS / Android).

This depends on the number of files and photos you transfer. 1 GB of information (roughly 600 pictures)would only take about 5 minutes.

RecovStick’s proprietary software makes the process as easy as a single click and is guaranteed to transfer and store your files faster than any regular cloud storage service.

Yes. RecovStick can backup all devices in your household on just one stick.

But if you have a lot of files it’s recommended to buy multiple RecovSticks.

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